Sunday, 13 January 2019


Many years ago when I was an actor I saw an advertisement for actors to write and act in a short film for The London College of Communication which was at The Elephant and Castle  in London.

As usual with student films I never received a copy of the finished film which was a shame as I thought it might be quite good as a finished production.

Here is the script for said film which I thought would be appropriate for the Just Jot It January word prompt of undiscovered. Shame I couldn't attach the finished film!


My name's Joe Wells and I'm here to confess, I'm here to confess to a murder.

Thirty years ago I killed a man, I killed the man who killed my daughter Susan.

When she was born she was the most beautiful baby in the world, I loved her to death and she grew into the most wonderful child.

Then when she was fifteen she started going off the rails, obviously it was drugs but we were so naive we thought she was just a stroppy teenager.

It's amazing how quickly she went downhill, form model student to heroine addict in a year and a half.

Her mother and I both tried to get her clean but it was too late, by that time she was gone from us both mentally and physically.

She moved into a squat with her boyfriend who was also her dealer and that was the last we ever saw of her.

The police called on 14th November to say she'd died of an overdose and we buried her on 4th December, later there was an inquest with the inevitable outcome, they were never going to call it murder were they.

My wife took it better than me, but I just couldn't let it go, I stalked that little bastard Chris for months, then one night I got my chance.

It was dark he was alone, no CCTV everywhere in those days, I grabbed a spade from my van and smashed his head in, I put him in a body bag shoved him in the van and drove to work.

The minute I got there I put him in the incinerator, I changed into my work clothes and put the ones I had been wearing into the incinerator too.

When it was over I took the ashes and the spade I'd used and put them in the bottom of a grave we'd dug for a funeral the next day, I covered them with soil and came home.

I felt no guilt whatsoever, I never have.


The choice of word for the FOWC Fandango's One Word Challenge is Inane which in itself is not the most stimulating word in the dictionary as by definition it is "lacking sense or meaning."

This is either a very clever choice of word or clearly a mistake, leaving one with two choices, to give up immediately or persevere against all the odds and produce something worthy of a Nobel Prize for Literature, not easy when the word itself by definition "lacks sense or meaning."

At this point I have to admit this word has me stumped and would like to suggest an alternative, "discombobulated" for that is how I'm feeling at the moment and yet at first sight it seemed such a promising word.

I don't know how other writers tackle these One Word Challenges but I usually have an idea in my mind fairly quickly as to what to write, or sometimes if nothing comes I am quite happy to walk away and take part another day.

Unfortunately, for this word I did have an idea almost instantaneously but I didn't want to write a tirade on all the inane things that modern life throws up and leaves me lost for words, I was hoping for something far more creative to flash into my head, but no luck. I am devoid of creative ideas!

I am therefore left with this rather inane list of things which lack sense or meaning.

Speed limits which can never be right 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Stupid computer games played by addicted adults and children.

People who assume electric cars are green.


Riots in the streets of Paris.

Vast numbers of television channels, most of which are rubbish.

The dustman not collecting during Christmas week.

I'd better stop now before this post just becomes a tirade against modern life, which will never win a Nobel Prize for Literature in a million years!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

FOWC. The Fandango One Word Challenge, todays word is; Underdog.

I shall be very brief today as I have only just finished a post on my other blog, so if you think this post is a little short may I suggest you go and read the other one.

Now, down to business with today's word which is underdog which I'm guessing will mostly consist of the story that the origin of the phrase which comes from dog fighting where there was a winner and a looser, hence top dog and underdog and indeed this is one of the descriptions of the word.

However I prefer the other version which comes from the days when men would saw large trees lengthwise before the advent of any form of power saws. This was done by digging a large pit and placing men with a long saw with handles each end, one above and one below who would saw the tree lengthwise.

It was far easier for the man on top as he puts in less effort for the same result, hence he was known as the top dog and he wasn't covered in sawdust like the unfortunate underdog who was underneath.

Image result for underdog origin 

Saturday, 5 January 2019

FOWC Challenge, today's word is WALL.

When I saw today's choice of word for the One Word Challenge my first thought was of the rather ridiculous Mr Donald Trump and his ludicrous scheme to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out of America. 

It put me in mind of the World War Two story of the prison of war escape known as "The Great Escape" where the captive soldiers dug three tunnels, Tom, Dick and Harry to escape under the wire fence.

I may be wrong but I rather imagine that should the wall be built that the Mexicans and whoever is helping to traffic them will have sufficient imagination to either tunnel under or climb over whatever barrier is erected rather like the people of East Berlin when the Berlin Wall was first erected.

My next thought was of The Great Wall of China, allegedly the only man made structure which can be seen from space.


Moving on and you may be following my train of thought, I came up with Pink Floyd and "Another brick in the wall," the lyrics of which are;

Image result for pink floyd another brick in the wall
                         We don't need no education
                         We don't need no thought control
                         No dark sarcasm in the classroom
                         Teachers leave them kids alone
                         Hey, teachers, leave them kids alone
                         All in all it's just another brick in the wall
                         All in all you're just another brick in the wall

Well I'm not at all sure we should be encouraging children to think 
they need no education!

As they used to say on the news, "and finally." The splendid song "So Strong" by Labi Siffre which I think qualifies to be included in this post even though it mentions wall in the plural.

The higher you build your barriers
The taller I become
The farther you take my rights away
The faster I will run
You can deny me
You can decide to turn your face away
No matter, cos there's....

Something inside so strong
I know that I can make it
Tho' you're doing me wrong, so wrong
You thought that my pride was gone
Oh no, something inside so strong
Oh oh oh oh oh something inside so strong

The more you refuse to hear my voice
The louder I will sing
You hide behind walls of Jericho
Your lies will come tumbling
Deny my place in time
You squander wealth that's mine
My light will shine so brightly
It will blind you
Cos there's......

Something inside so strong
I know that I can make it
Tho' you're doing me wrong, so wrong
You thought that my pride was gone
Oh no, something inside so strong
Oh oh oh oh oh something inside so strong

Friday, 4 January 2019

Another Three Things Challenge.

As some of you may know I write illustrated children’s story books which are available on Amazon two of which are here to give you a rough idea of the wonderful illustrations which help to give life to these stories which are written for 5 to 8 year old children.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Three Things Challenge.

I’m taking part in the Three Things Challenge and today's three things to write about are River, Sunset and Safe, all very easy there then!

When first looking at the choice of words, one starts to think in the order they are presented to one, however I think the safe option might be to start from the other end. So far, so good.

It would be easy for me now to say; I am writing this looking out of the window at the most beautiful sunset but it would be a complete untruth, is that cheating?

Finally, as they say in Cockney rhyming slang, I am completely up the Swanne (river) as I can think of nothing to write on the subject of river.

Clearly this challenge is much harder than it looks!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019


It has been a few days since I posted on this site but prompted by another blog called either This, that and the other, or Fandango, I am unsure as to which blog is prompting me to write which is rather fortuitous as the FOWC (Fandangos one word challenge) is enigma which pretty much sums up most of the things I attempt to do on the interweb.

My immediate thought when presented with the word Enigma was to think of the wartime code breaking establishment called Bletchley Park which was a stately home near Milton Keyes, Buckinghamshire in England during the second world war.

The Germans had a machine called Enigma which could change a message by turning wheels mechanically which is effectively what computers do now to encrypt things to keep them safe but we managed to get hold of one of their machines which was taken from a sinking submarine.

Many very talented people went to Bletchley Park, which was very hush hush at the time, they were told to keep a ten shilling note about their person at all times so as to be ready should they be called at short notice and that if asked where they were going to say they were joining Captain Ridleys shooting party.

One of these very clever individuals was Alan Turing and together they broke the German codes and, it is said shortened the war by perhaps two years.

As the establishment was under Official Secrets Act people who worked there were forbidden to speak of having worked there, so much so that people even got married to each other and did not admit to each other they had worked there until many years later.

Rather sadly after the war Alan Turing who is credited with effectively being the inventor of  the modern computer was prosecuted in 1952 for being homosexual which was illegal in those days and committed suicide in 1954.

He was never given proper recognition for the work he did at Bletchley Park which is somewhat of an Enigma.