Saturday 4 May 2019


So, today my blog concerns a modern habit which I imagine was started by the young folk called millennials.

So, the reason I'm writing this is to bring to everyone's attention how annoying this habit is.

So, I am guessing that most people who are baby boomers or of the silent generation will not use this awful affectation.

So, the baby boomers and the silent generation will by now have realised exactly what this post is about.

So, although the habit was probably started by the millennials I think generation X may be joining in as well.

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So, I had the misfortune to watch an interview on the television where the organiser of the London Marathon was talking at length using this dreadful affectation.

So, those of us of an older generation find this grates on our nerves and sensibilities as well as sounding down right foolish.

So, how much longer will I have to go on before a millennial realises what the point of this post might be?

So, I can't continue any longer, starting every sentence with the word "so."

So, as you can probably see, starting every sentence with the word "so" sounds dreadful and when written down looks even worse.

So, please all you people who do this, whatever generation you are please stop.

So, I thank you!

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  1. So, when I was an engineer I observed during meetings that there was a certain personality type that always prefaced their response to a question with, "So-o-o ...". I realized that what they were doing was filling the air space while they gathered their thoughts before launching into a long exposition that also served to fill the air space while they gathered their thoughts (if indeed they had any, which could at time be brought into question by the content of their exposition). This was long enough ago, I don't think these people were Millennials. Gen-X, I guess. I'm a late-cohort Boomer and I still don't say that shit.


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