Monday, 12 November 2018

Armistice day.

I was very surprised by the number of tributes to the fallen both on Facebook and the internet generally but the fact that it's 100 years since the end of World War One seems to have brought with it a greater interest in the subject.

To this end I am posting details of my radio play which is available on The Wireless Theatre Company which is a touching glimpse of the experiences of soldiers of World War One.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

The news, at last.

Trying to find subjects to blog about is not the easiest thing in the world especially just lately where the only subject on the news is Brexit and I have to admit I'm getting a little bored with the subject and will be very glad when they have finally sorted things and we can leave, without either side shooting each other in the foot.

News, it seems is like buses there are no subjects for days and then all of a sudden three come along at once and we are spoilt for choice as to where to start.

I have decided to start purely randomly with the American mid term elections and why not for we can't get enough news about the delightful Mr Donald Trump, the man who took bullshit to a level never thought of before.

The thing I find most peculiar about any American election is the way black people seem unwilling to take part even when they are encouraged by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and the ex President Obama. How can any race who fought so hard for their freedom and the right to vote, not take up the chance at every opportunity, it leaves me lost for words.

I'm not sure of the nationality of the person in the next item of news but I have to say I thought he had the unfortunate twang of American about his accent when I heard him on the television, although further research suggests he is from North London. The man in question was a paraplegic who had landed at Luton airport only to find that his wheelchair had been lost in transit.

One is never certain whether one has the full facts of the news but as I was watching Her Majesty's BBC I think I can trust the story presented. It seems the fellow was offered a wheeled chair as they didn't have a self propelled wheelchair but he refused on the grounds that he would have lost his dignity by being pushed and was in danger of getting pressure sores from the chair.

He chose instead to drag himself through the airport to the exit where he used a luggage trolley as a wheelchair, leaving one to think with his actions that perhaps he doth protest too much.

I would have thought that dragging oneself on the floor was loosing ones dignity somewhat more than being pushed in a chair for a few hundred yards and can one get pressure sores in such a short space of time. If it is possible to get pressure sores so quickly why would you risk hoisting yourself on to a hard luggage trolley to complete the journey to the waiting taxi.

It was indeed unfortunate that there wasn't a self propelled wheelchair available at the time but one has to think his actions to emphasise the lack of a wheelchair were a tad over the top.

My next sentence was going to be; I'm just waiting for the next news item concerning this fellow suing the airport for a vast sum for compensation, but more research suggests he is already at it!

And finally, as they used to say on the news when they got to the final story of a fluffy kitten being rescued from a tree by the fire brigade, unfortunately this is not one of those stories.

A young Christian woman in Pakistan who was charged with blasphemy following an alleged argument with her Muslim neighbours has finally been found not guilty having been in custody for the last eight years.

Had she been found guilty she would have faced the death penalty which seems grossly unfair as it seems fairly obvious that her neighbours bore false witness against her, I wonder if they will face any charges?

She has also been told that she will not be able to leave the country even though her life is in danger as there are mobs of Muslim men out in the streets baying for her blood at this moment.

To sum up, this poor woman was falsely accused, served eight years in prison before being found not guilty and now is not allowed to leave a country where her life is severely in danger.

One can only hope that the new Prime Minister and ex professional cricketer Imran Khan can do something to save this woman's life before it's too late, because the way this poor woman has been treated is definitely not cricket.

That is the end of the news.

Monday, 29 October 2018

My latest children's book.

I am delighted to announce that my latest children’s book is now available on Amazon and I have to say I think it is rather splendid. I have been working with the same illustrator for the last four books and she is producing better and better illustrations with each new production. Her name, should any of you reading this be looking for an illustrator is Oksana Basarab and she can be found on the Fiverr website.

I do hope some of my readers will purchase the book and enjoy reading it, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Brussel sprouts.

I saw on Facebook someone requesting articles on vegetables so was inspired to write the following.

Brussel sprouts.
I am not remotely what you might call a foodie and am probably so far away from being a gourmet as you can ever get, sadly I blame my mother.

She was of the generation of women who would boil the living daylights out of everything she cooked, to the point where you would probably get more nutrition from the water that was thrown away after the cooking process that from actually eating the item cooked.

My mother was without doubt one of the worst cooks I have every come across who almost had the ability to burn water, which explains my lack of interest in the subject to this day.

I am, I think what might be described as a lazy eater, preferring something I can eat with a straw than any foodstuff which requires too much mastication, this may also have come about due to my mother’s ability in the kitchen.

Brussel sprouts, you may be surprised to hear were one of my favourite vegetables, indeed one of my favourite foods altogether, along with Farley’s Rusks although obviously not both at the same time.

I was however somewhat surprised to find on leaving home and getting married that brussel sprouts were not an item one was supposed to eat with a straw due to it being cooked almost to a pulp and in fact should be cooked al dente.

Some many years later, brussel sprouts are still my favourite vegetable, however thanks to my delightful wife who is an excellent chef I now eat them properly cooked al dente, it is though some many years since I had a Farley’s Rusk although I still love them.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Saudi's completely innocent of Jamal Khashoggi death.

Saudi Arabia admits dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi died in its Istanbul consulate apparently after a fight broke out.

Now it’s all beginning to make sense, I thought he had the look of a trouble maker about him, the sort of chap who would pull a weapon at the drop of a hat, I expect he was armed to the teeth when he entered the consulate and probably went there looking for trouble.

Imagine the scene, upon entering the consulate the violent dissident journalist is shown into a room to face fifteen mild mannered assassins and immediately pulls out a loaded fountain pen ready to attack.

I may have got the wrong end of the stick with this story but the Saudi’s seem more than adequately convinced that something along these lines must have taken place, what a nasty aggressive little man he must have been.

Surely, he must have been some sort of psychopath to have gone to the consulate with the clear intention of starting a fight with fifteen innocent assassins.

The only other conclusion we could come to of course, is that the Saudi’s are evil lying cheating bastards who would trick someone into entering their consulate having arranged for fifteen assassins to torture, kill and then dismember and dispose of the body.

How could this be, for if this were true we would have to believe the stories of women being stoned to death for having sex when they quite clearly encouraged the rapist in his actions by being female.

This can’t be the actions of the Saudi’s who present themselves as such pleasant broadminded, religious and indeed teetotal individuals.

I expect it’s only a matter of time before the Saudi’s come up with a perfectly feasible explanation as to how Jamal Khashoggi started this fight with the fifteen innocent assassins who had absolutely nothing to do with his death.

I imagine that will be the same day that I view a flying pig.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Sky News.

This will be a very short post today as I'm a little busy and I don't feel there is much I can expand upon with this story, although you never know.

My wife and I have a tendency to go to bed to watch the news on television prior to going to sleep but the last two nights they have broken away from the British presenters who are half way through a review of the papers to go live to America to show Mr Donald Trump wittering on about something not at all of any great relevance to a British audience.

My Lord, that man can witter, the first night concerned the successful appointment of a new judge after some controversy which seemed not to be proven where it was alleged he took part in a teenage fondle which the woman alleged it was attempted rape.

Now I haven't followed the story in any depth as I can barely understand American unless it is written form but one assumes that by American standards there was not sufficient evidence which cleared the way for this chap to become a judge.

Everyone in America seems to present themselves as devout Christians who would never do anything wrong, like attempted rape or bearing false witness for example, so I have no idea what the truth of the matter is, suffice to say from what little I saw I didn't think either of them were creditable witnesses. Perhaps it's just the rather odd way the Americans have of putting themselves across.

The American judicial system seems most peculiar to us Brits as these fellows who become members of some upper chamber of judges, (forgive me for not knowing the correct name as I wasn't taking notes) all have political affiliation, I would have thought a better system would be where they have no affiliation and are therefore impartial.

However we broke away from the British news to see Mr Trump give a rather long winded speech, pointing to various people in the audience, being not at all complimentary about the woman who accused the judge and then handing over to judge for him to have his two pennyworth, all very boring.

Then, the second night we broke away to watch what was effectively Mr Trump giving a party political speech in either Iowa, Nebraska or Illinois, I was a little unsure where they were and I felt Mr Trump was also confused. The usual wittering on at great length ensued, together with the pointing to the crowd to announce they had the presence of two Senators and the repetition of the phrase, "Make America Great Again."

So for two nights running we have broken away from the British news to go live to America to see Mr Trump wittering on about nothing of any great importance and I am wondering why is this happening. At this rate it won't be long before we break away to see Mr Trump having breakfast, or even worse, "Now live from America, Mr Trump is having a shit!"

I have written to Sky News to point out my dislike of this continual pandering to the Americas, it's bad enough our television drama is awash with American imports, so please stop this ludicrous breaking away to see a non event in America. I'm not holding my breath that my email will make them change their policy, but you never know!