Monday 25 December 2017

Christmas Francais 2017

Back again, just as confused.

This will be a very short post as it's 1 o'clock in the morning Christmas Eve, nay by now it's Christmas Day and the wife and I been working like men and women possessed all day and most of last week and we are knackered.

I had a brief moment in time and decided to re name this blog and start using it again, now can anyone explain to me why the people who organise these blogs seem to think that because you have the ability to write a blog and can string two words together you also have the ability to understand computer gobble do goop and to rearrange your blog at will.

I have news for them. I do not have the ability for such things, therefore I'm wondering would it be too much to ask that they make all the computer stuff idiot proof with simple and easy to follow instructions, for example; click edit blog, click edit name, click buy domain and all this will miraculously join up and work.

Surely this can't be too much to ask for, that way I can concentrate on blogging rather than computer programming!

However it's getting very late now and we have a very full day ahead of us tomorrow so I shall say goodnight, press publish and all will be well; why am I not holding my breath waiting?