Thursday 21 February 2019

Three Things Challenge 3TC Keyboard. Bananas. Rattle.

I have been sitting at my keyboard having eaten some bananas as I could hear what was left of my breakfast rattle in the cavernous emptiness of my stomach. As you can tell I am a very lazy eater, far easier to get some chocolate, or some cake, or if the worst came to the worst I could just sit here starving to death.

Even if I had the ability to leave my computer and prepare a fantastic repast I'm afraid I would have to resist as I came across an article on line which I had to comment on, as it seemed yet another example of "green" thinking taking over even if it appears to end up disappearing up its own anus.

All too frequently nowadays one reads something and thinks, "what a bloody stupid idea!"

Gas hobs could be banned from being installed in new homes within seven years

It seems there is a suggestion that in six years time we shall not be able to use gas hobs in our kitchens and be forced to install some form of low carbon heating system in our homes, there was no suggestion as to what this system might be.

Forgive me for not understanding but it seems we won't be able to heat our homes with gas, so I'm forced to wonder what will we be using.

I'm assuming it must be electricity, the same energy source that they want us to runs our cars on, which leaves me to wonder how are they going to generate the enormous amount of electricity required to power all these things.

The only way I can see this working is to use all the surplus gas that we are not allowed to use in some sort of gas fuelled power station.

Or to save all the unnecessary expense and waste of natural resources by manufacturing all this new infrastructure we could forgo these changes and simply carry on using gas in our homes and petrol in our cars.

For, "if it ain't broke, it doesn't need fixing!"

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