Monday 25 March 2019

Politician of the decade.

I wonder if being a good politician is a teachable skill, looking round the world I somehow doubt it as most of them are absolutely useless, we have our lot in Great Britain who seem unable to organise a cocktail party in an off licence.

Mr Trump who I personally wouldn't trust as far as I could throw him, Africa where it seems all of them are as bent as a nine bob note, Venezuela where the place is awash with oil and yet the population are starving, in Russia they have the dictator Putin and finally to name but a few in Syria we have Bashar-al-Assad who thinks nothing of gassing his population to death. What a fine bunch of "politicians" they are. It's only recently I realised "politician" was a euphemism.

Then last week after the tragic events in New Zealand where in a horrific attack on a mosque in Christchurch 50 people were killed when a crazed gunman ran amok with a semi automatic rifle.

Image result for semi automatic rifle
I believe these guns are sometimes called hunting rifles, although Lord only knows why you would need what is effectively a high powered machine gun for hunting unless you want to take out an entire herd of wildebeest in one go.

However the events afterwards caused my heart to fly on gossamer wings when within a week the Prime Minister of New Zealand took the appropriate steps to ban these guns altogether and it is for this reason that I would suggest that Jacinda Ardern is the Politician of the decade.

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