Sunday 13 January 2019


The choice of word for the FOWC Fandango's One Word Challenge is Inane which in itself is not the most stimulating word in the dictionary as by definition it is "lacking sense or meaning."

This is either a very clever choice of word or clearly a mistake, leaving one with two choices, to give up immediately or persevere against all the odds and produce something worthy of a Nobel Prize for Literature, not easy when the word itself by definition "lacks sense or meaning."

At this point I have to admit this word has me stumped and would like to suggest an alternative, "discombobulated" for that is how I'm feeling at the moment and yet at first sight it seemed such a promising word.

I don't know how other writers tackle these One Word Challenges but I usually have an idea in my mind fairly quickly as to what to write, or sometimes if nothing comes I am quite happy to walk away and take part another day.

Unfortunately, for this word I did have an idea almost instantaneously but I didn't want to write a tirade on all the inane things that modern life throws up and leaves me lost for words, I was hoping for something far more creative to flash into my head, but no luck. I am devoid of creative ideas!

I am therefore left with this rather inane list of things which lack sense or meaning.

Speed limits which can never be right 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Stupid computer games played by addicted adults and children.

People who assume electric cars are green.


Riots in the streets of Paris.

Vast numbers of television channels, most of which are rubbish.

The dustman not collecting during Christmas week.

I'd better stop now before this post just becomes a tirade against modern life, which will never win a Nobel Prize for Literature in a million years!

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