Sunday 20 January 2019


I am writing this for two reasons, firstly in response to the Fandango FOWC which theoretically is a one word challenge but I'm rather wondering if I can use two, I wish to interrupt the blogging conversation currently going on and to that end, I interject; "cough, cough."

My second reason for this post is to say "excuse me, I'm here please notice me, please read my blog!"

Usually I refer to myself as a Luddite especially where computers are concerned but I am also an old dog who is trying to learn new tricks, as long as it's not done too quickly.

I have recently come across the blog site called THIS, THAT, AND THE OTHER  and KEEP IT ALIVE and THE HAUNTED WORDSMITH and A GUY CALLED BLOKE which I'm led to believe are great blogs from which to learn.

Perhaps one of my problems is that I have two blogs which are on different platforms, one on Wordpress and one on Blogger, on the other hand it could be helping, you see how knowledgeable I am on this subject.

Having just written a post on my other blog and started to read some hints and tips for blogging from SALTED CARAMEL I'm just going to return to her blog and do some reading.

I hope "cough, cough," caught your attention and fulfilled the criteria for the Fandango FOWC.

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