Sunday 6 January 2019

FOWC. The Fandango One Word Challenge, todays word is; Underdog.

I shall be very brief today as I have only just finished a post on my other blog, so if you think this post is a little short may I suggest you go and read the other one.

Now, down to business with today's word which is underdog which I'm guessing will mostly consist of the story that the origin of the phrase which comes from dog fighting where there was a winner and a looser, hence top dog and underdog and indeed this is one of the descriptions of the word.

However I prefer the other version which comes from the days when men would saw large trees lengthwise before the advent of any form of power saws. This was done by digging a large pit and placing men with a long saw with handles each end, one above and one below who would saw the tree lengthwise.

It was far easier for the man on top as he puts in less effort for the same result, hence he was known as the top dog and he wasn't covered in sawdust like the unfortunate underdog who was underneath.

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