Saturday 26 January 2019

3TC Challenge today's words are Sail Chair and Magnetite.

I have been very busy today uploading my latest children's book to Amazon which always takes hours as my computer skills are virtually non existent which meant I was going to give this challenge a miss but then suddenly inspiration came to me.

This will be a very quick post as I'm "bloody knackered" so I will fill the gaps with images and sail through this challenge starting with an image from my latest book Norman the pirate which as you can see covers the first word, sail.

Well it is a picture of pirates who sail upon the high seas, together with a cheap plug for my book, shameless I know.

Moving swiftly on I would have written more but due to my exhaustion from my days labours I have had to have a rest on the nearest chair available which unfortunately was a metal one, very attractive but unfortunately....

I had forgotten to remove the magnetite which I had inadvertently placed in my trouser pockets when playing super hero's with my young grandchildren. As you obviously know magnetite has a very strong magnetic attraction so I was unable to get up from the bench so this will have to be the end of this post for today.

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