Sunday 1 April 2018

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Never a more true word spoken than, if it ain't broke, don't fix it and I'm saying this as a man who yesterday tried to fix his computer when it was only slightly broken.

The problem of having a computer that is only slightly broken is almost the same as having a leg that is only slightly broken, they are both virtually useless, rather like a chocolate tea pot, unfortunately at the end of my fiddling to fix the problem I rendered the computer, completely useless.

Why, oh why, didn't I just leave it alone, the printer may have decided to suddenly start working, just as it suddenly decided to stop working, although I have absolutely no justification for assuming it would start to work apart from my ridiculous optimism.

Unfortunately on this particular occasion I decided that optimism was not going to be the solution so set about trying to solve the problem myself and after loading and reloading the original disc that came with the printer on numerous occasions and attempting various ways which seemed to promise the miraculous rebirth of the machine, I finally found the button to reset the computer to a previous date. I have on a few occasions previously, used this method and found it to be successful when trying to undo something on the computer, however on this occasion it ended in disaster.

This problem has put me in mind of the story told on the wireless on children's hour many years ago, and tells the tale of a fellow writing a letter to his employer as to the reason he is unable to come to work and involves the removal of a barrel load of bricks which he winches from the top of the house, but as it is heavier than he and pulls the poor fellow up jamming his hand in the pulley. The barrel has by now hit the ground and smashes whereupon the chaps hand is released and he plummets to the ground.

I may have got some of the story back to front but you get the gist, somewhat similar to my continued exploits to mend the printer and to cut a long story short, after resetting the computer I was left with virtually nothing left on my desktop, nor indeed in the computer itself!

After much continued fiddling I managed to get some of the most necessary apps and things back, however there are still great swathes of emptiness where once there were usable programmes, I rather fear I will have to get a man in to fix it, oh why did I try to fix it in the first place, it was only slightly broke. On a more positive note, the computer may be lacking in many vital elements but at least I fixed the printer.   

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