Monday 26 March 2018

Gender pay equality.

Due to the fact that I have very little time for this blog I shall be brief, I may come back to the subject at a later date. Bashing straight in I have to say how can women expect the same money as men when men don't get the same as men. This of course depends on the occupation you are participating in, for example I rather expect a police constable be they male or female will be on the same pay structure and hopefully the same will apply to both sexes all the way to chief inspector.

My point about men not getting the same as men is based on the current argument that if you are in the same industry you should be paid the same male or female, but how can the man cleaning the toilets expect to be paid the same as the managing director, even if she's a woman.

Likewise with nursing and being a consultant brain surgeon, or a corporal and a field martial in the army, although all these examples are in the same profession none of those at the bottom of the pay structure could expect to be paid the same as those at the top. Could they?

Sadly it seems a shame to me that women are the ones who are making the fuss about the pay differential, however, where do we go with the argument of the trolley dollies on a plane and the captain actually flying the dam thing. Don't forget many of the trolley dollies nowadays are men who would no doubt be on the same wage as the women, as would the female pilots be on par with the male pilots.

The recent controversy with the two actors in The Crown, Matt Smith playing Prince Phillip and Claire Foy playing The Queen, where it was suggested they should be paid the same money as they were both playing the lead characters. All well and good except Matt Smith had a much higher profile due to his role as Dr Who, whilst Claire Foy was not as well known at the time.

The argument falls apart when it is suggested they should have the same money as they are both actors in the same film, great joy then for the lucky fellow who has three lines in the same film, who under normal criteria would be paid a relative pittance can look forward to a considerable increase in his earnings, after all he is also an actor doing the same job in the same film.

I see nothing wrong with the best in any field earning more money than those not as proficient, be it F1 driver, Premier League footballer, Olympic athlete, TV presenter and any other profession for that matter. There are many women in many professions who are the best or the most popular, Oprah Winfrey for example has managed to amass a considerable fortune on the back of her successful career in film and television, not because she was a woman but because she was the best and that's the way it should be.

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