Wednesday 21 March 2018

The wonders of the internet.

I have to admit that compared to the youth of today I am a complete Luddite where the internet and computer wizkiddery are concerned although I cannot conceive of a world without it, especially when I am attempting to compose one of my blogs.

If I am confused as to the spelling of a word, discombobulated for example, I can type the word and with any luck the spell checker will correct my spelling should I have it wrongly spelt. Likewise, should I be confused as to the meaning of the word discombobulated, I can type into the search bar, discombobulated definition and immediately I am no longer discombobulated as the meaning of the word is confused. Once one gets the hang of the internet it really can assist greatly with so many things.

Gone are the days when I uttered the sentence "why do I need a computer, I have a typewriter if I want to send a letter and I have a phone if I want to communicate with anyone." Oh, the joys of email, to send a letter over the airwaves, so to speak and to get an instant response.

I rather suspect it was the same elation experienced by the Victorians who had such a good postal service, at least in London, where one could send a letter in the morning asking one's maiden aunt to come to afternoon tea and get a reply in plenty of time to send one's butler to the market with ready money to purchase some cucumbers for the sandwiches.

As a research tool the internet is invaluable for I am able to find the exact passage from The Importance of being Earnest referred to above.

Lane! Why are there no cucumber sandwiches? I ordered them specially.
LANE [gravely]: There were no cucumbers in the market this morning, sir. I went down twice.
ALGERNON: No cucumbers!
LANE: No, sir, not even for ready money. 

At this point I should offer a word of caution which may be of some use to the younger folk who use the internet, I am a fellow of advancing years and have therefore experienced a few things along the path of life which I have trod.

Do not and I repeat, DO NOT believe everything you may come across when surfing the net for there are scallywags and rascals about only too happy to deceive the unwary surfer. Take for example the recent jiggery pokery with regard to the election of the current President of the United States, Mr Donald Trump and let that be a lesson to you.

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