Monday 23 April 2018

The British Royal Family.

Hurrah for the Duchess of Cambridge who has produced, with the assistance of Prince William yet another child, which means they now have an heir, a spare and a spare spare, although one hopes it should never come to the point where some catastrophic event has occurred which necessitates the use of the spare, spare.

Forgive my slightly sarcastic start to this blog but I couldn't resist and I would like it to be known that I am rather keen on the Royal Family and look forward to their continued success as a reigning family.

I don't know how many countries in the world have a Royal Family but I imagine it is in the minority which I have always thought gives us Brits an air of superiority, especially where the alternative as a figure head for a nation might be President Trump or President Putin, compared to these people our mad king George III looks positively sane. 

Our dear Queen has sacrificed virtually her entire life to the duty of being monarch and has been on the throne for 65 years, which means had she retired at 63 like most other women in this country she could have done so 29 years ago. This rather amazing fact means she has effectively done twice the number of years any woman would do at a job, it might have been better for her had she turned to a life of crime, for with time off for good behaviour she would have been able to retire years and years ago.

The more you think about it the better value for money the Royal Family seem to be, take Prince Charles for example who at 69 is well past retirement age and has worked all his life and yet he still hasn't started the job he is trained to do.

I have, I think left the best until last, what can one say about Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, when it comes to value for money, having only recently retired from public life at 96, leaving a legacy of a lifetime of gaffs, one liners and outright belly laughs worthy of our better comedians, you couldn't write the sort of gags Prince Phillip comes out with.

So I ask you to give three cheers for all of them and in the style of Prince Charles I shall start you off.

Hip, hip, hip............Hurrah!

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