Tuesday 10 April 2018

The joys of publishing.

Further to my blog of yesterday and the day before, I can now reveal that my children's book Nobby Brasso football star is available on Kindle or downloads to your tablet thing in glorious colour, how ever due to an oversight on my behalf it is only available in black and white in paperback form.

I seem to have inadvertently selected that it be printed in black and white in the paperback version although quite how I made the mistake Lord only knows and what makes matters worse is I can not change it as it has been published. I assume I will have to remove it from publication and reload it but select colour this time.

I'm forced to wonder why the system didn't detect the fact that I was uploading colour illustrations and inquire of me, "are you sure you want to select black and white, when you are clearly uploading colour?" Obviously that would require some logic in the process.

Is it any wonder that I have to continually blog about the complete ineptitude of computers, I'm beginning to think it's some sort of conspiracy for whatever I try to do on the computer, seems fraught with disaster. I have written to Kindle Publishing for their advice, now I'm thinking, wouldn't it be nice if they had the ability to use logic and to reply to my problem thus. "Yes sir, we see it's working perfectly on the Kindle version we shall just transfer the data from there to the paperback version and all will be well." If only!

I once rather foolishly thought that writing the stories was quite hard work, but compared to publishing it's a doddle, I hadn't realised I was so determined until I discovered publishing!

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