Sunday 10 May 2020


I have written previously of my lack of ability with computers and am currently having a problem with this blog as we speak and having asked on the Blogger forum thing, I suddenly had the bright idea to ask you dear reader, for I know you are out there.

One assumes that I see my blog the same way as anyone who reads it does, so I shall explain what I see and ask if you would be so kind to reply and let me know what you are seeing.

Firstly when I open the blog I have 10 posts which are visible, one after the other down the page, none of which have a comments box displayed, it is not until you actually click on the title that the post opens up on a page of its own and then displays the comments box.


I have tried all sorts of setting to try to make the comments box show up without having to open the post up as I think it deters people from leaving comments, as I said before I'm not good with the tech side of computing, I just do the writing!

Bletchley Park | The National Museum of Computing

Would any of you out there who have experienced this problem and know how to fix it be kind enough to leave a comment with details of how to fix it in the box, assuming you can find it!

Bearing in mind I have posted a picture of the first computer at Bletchley Park to give you an idea of my computer skills, so if you could keep it simple I would be extremely grateful, imagine you are talking to an idiot. Thank you. 

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