Tuesday 4 September 2018

Hampton Court Concours.

Todays blog will take the form of a photo blog due to lack of time as I'm preparing to get ready to go to The Goodwood Revival at the weekend where I may do another photo blog, let's see if I can do this one first!

 We went with friends from the Bentley Drivers Club and I have to say there were some very splendid Bentley's on display.

This is a special one off Rolls Royce commissioned by a chap who I think must have more money than sense for this is what he asked them to make. The craftsmanship is superb but in real life I think it looks more like something Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds would commission. Still each unto their own. 

Now this is what a proper car looks like a rather splendid Bentley Continental, fabulous!

                               There certainly wasn't a shortage of Bugattis, all very nice.

Another beautiful Bentley.

Some views of Hampton Court which we took while having a look round.


                                    Some rather splendid gardens of which there were plenty.

                                         And finally to finish off a beautiful trio of Bentleys.

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