Friday 21 February 2020

The scourge of white van man

I'm not sure if I'm being unkind to white van man but just lately I have been plagued with white van man, not strangely enough the aggressive bad driving yobbo type normally portrayed in the press but a different type altogether.

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I'm not entirely certain that I didn't prefer the older version driving like a mad man causing havoc and mayhem in his wake.

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Perhaps I have been unlucky just lately but it seems every time I leave my home and drive down the road I am immediately stuck behind a white van man who seems barely able to achieve 35 mph let alone exceed it no matter what the speed limit is.

The strange thing is it seems to be the same van every time and I'm wondering has this poor fellow had some sort of safety device fitted whereby no matter how hard he stamps on the accelerator pedal the vehicle steadfastly remains at a constant 35 mph, or is this the new snowflake generation of white van driver who is scared stiff to exceed 35mph even in a 60mph limit.

As they used to say in the old days, "answers on a postcard," or you could just post a comment below!  


  1. I find van drivers are much less of a problem than speed-crazy motorists who tailgate me and try desperately to overtake. Usually they manage to overtake and then have to brake sharply at a red traffic light. A pointless exercise.

  2. I hate tailgaters too, unfortunately so many people do it nowadays and have no intention of overtaking they just have no idea how far away they should be. When I passed my test many years ago we were taught to leave room from the car in front to allow for your braking distance and also to allow for your reaction time. As with all my posts I tend to write a little tongue in cheek and white van man is an example, unfortunately with writing about bad driving there are so many examples to choose from I could be writing forever!


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