Thursday 25 October 2018

Brussel sprouts.

I saw on Facebook someone requesting articles on vegetables so was inspired to write the following.

Brussel sprouts.
I am not remotely what you might call a foodie and am probably so far away from being a gourmet as you can ever get, sadly I blame my mother.

She was of the generation of women who would boil the living daylights out of everything she cooked, to the point where you would probably get more nutrition from the water that was thrown away after the cooking process that from actually eating the item cooked.

My mother was without doubt one of the worst cooks I have every come across who almost had the ability to burn water, which explains my lack of interest in the subject to this day.

I am, I think what might be described as a lazy eater, preferring something I can eat with a straw than any foodstuff which requires too much mastication, this may also have come about due to my mother’s ability in the kitchen.

Brussel sprouts, you may be surprised to hear were one of my favourite vegetables, indeed one of my favourite foods altogether, along with Farley’s Rusks although obviously not both at the same time.

I was however somewhat surprised to find on leaving home and getting married that brussel sprouts were not an item one was supposed to eat with a straw due to it being cooked almost to a pulp and in fact should be cooked al dente.

Some many years later, brussel sprouts are still my favourite vegetable, however thanks to my delightful wife who is an excellent chef I now eat them properly cooked al dente, it is though some many years since I had a Farley’s Rusk although I still love them.

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