Friday 17 August 2018

Ban the Burka.

The topic of my blog today may sound a little harsh but bear with me, it was prompted by an image I came across on Arsebook which I will post below.

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Where do I start with this, firstly this is not a photograph of a nun, it is in fact the actress Audrey Hepburn and this is an image from the film A Nuns Story. Regardless of that I am willing to try to understand what this post is attempting to say.

The other young lady in the photo is wearing a hijab and is one assumes of the Muslim faith, although one can never be certain of anything, it may just be a fashion statement as I think it would be fair to say the lady in question is particularly attractive and wearing quite a lot of makeup.

Assuming that the lady is indeed Muslim, we then move on to the next part of the sentence where it is suggested that she may be oppressed, presumably for dressing in a manner similar to that of a nun. The definition of the word oppressed is; subject to harsh and authoritarian treatment, so I am wondering who would oppress this young lady for being dressed in this fashion? I have no idea.

I am wondering if the person who originally posted this meant to use a photograph of someone wearing a Burka, which is a completely different garment and one which seems to be worn mostly in countries like Afghanistan where in certain parts of the country where the Taliban have control the women are forced to wear the "letter box " type garment and are not allowed to go to school and are severely restricted, one might almost say oppressed. This is completely different from this country where women no matter how they are dressed have the right to do everything a man can do.

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