Thursday 1 February 2018

F1 Grid Girls.

Why on earth have they done away with the F1 grid girls, did any of them complain about their working conditions or complain of any sort of harassment whilst at work, I have seen no evidence to suggest that to be the case, far from it.

Whether this has anything to do with the fact that Formula 1 has been taken over by the Americans, I have no idea but I suspect it may have something to do with the decision.

The publicity surrounding this seems to imply it has been taken on the grounds that it was no longer politically correct to employ scantily clad young girls for such work as it undermines their self esteem and degrades the girls who take part.

I feel I must question some of these statements, firstly, as most of the Grand Prix are scheduled where possible to take place in the summer and in warm weather, what would you expect the girls to wear, a tweed suit. Most of the outfits I have seen when watching the F1 seem to me to be most suitable for a hot climate and at no time have I thought them in any way too revealing.

Oddly enough I have come across girls on line who are bemoaning the fact that they have lost a fairly lucrative source of income and one where they felt they were both appreciated and safe in an environment where they enjoyed their job.

Strange that the Americans who come from a country which seemed to tolerate racial and sexual harassment on a wide scale and certainly doesn't seem to be renowned for it's broad minded attitude to so many things has so suddenly come out against the grid girls, has someone taken offence on behalf of the girls, has someone employed a no win no fee legal team?

Having been to many motor racing events over the years with my wife and friends of mine and their wives I have never heard any of the women complain about the grid girls, nor any demands that they be removed.

Since this happened I have heard people question why there are only men on the grid and why aren't women taking part in the racing, well I have news for them, as soon as a woman can drive as fast as the men and have a genuine right to be on the grid it will happen. Can you imagine the amount of publicity and therefore money that would be generated by a woman on pole position for a Grand Prix. When there is one strong enough, fit enough and fast enough, she will be on the grid.

In the mean time we have motor racing without the grid girls and I'm forced to wonder what next, we already have electric motor car racing, which I have to admit I find as dull as dishwater, however in these days in which we now find ourselves, it is politically correct. The logical conclusion, if women can't take part is to do away with the drivers altogether and have autonomous car racing.

No grid girls, electric cars, no drivers, it would make watching Scalextrix seem exciting, actually, now I consider it, I think it would make watching paint dry seem exciting.

Well, that's my blob for today, I have to leave you now as I have some rather interesting magnolia which I need to keep my eye on, it's at that fascinating point where it's just past tacky.

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