Thursday 7 June 2018

Just a quick one.

As the title for this blog suggests, this is just a quick one as I've been busy all day and have run out of time, so should you be desperate for a slightly longer blog you can go to my other site and read that!

During the course of writing my other blog I have been listening to Harry and Edna on the Wireless which is an on line radio station and this particular show plays forties music I can thoroughly recommend it.

Lastly I moved on to listening to Swingtime Radio by Hoxton Radio which is hosted by Sizzlin Jim and was playing some wonderful old blues tunes, excellent stuff.

So there we are, just a quick one, but plenty there to keep you amused if you want to follow the links, I'm off to watch a new DVD which I have recently purchased which is a brand new restoration of The Dam Busters, should be very good, I hope.

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