Wednesday 30 May 2018

The latest update to Windows 10.

I have just received an email informing me that there is an update to Windows 10 and I'm wondering if I should be filled with joy or dread as I don't always have a happy relationship with Windows 10. When Windows 10 first came out there were two schools of thought, the rather gung-ho approach favoured by the younger members of the family or the more staid and reserved attitude taken by older folk like myself.

One had heard rumours that it wasn't quite ready and one should wait until all the problems were sorted out and then download the latest version, conversely it was also said that if you didn't have the latest version of Windows 10 the entire world as you knew it would grind to a halt. Unfortunately I was swayed by the younger element and decided to download Windows 10 whereupon my computer ceased to operate and I had to get a man in to unload it.

Some time later I risked uploading Windows 10 again and low and behold, it worked and has done so ever since, including recently when I purchased a new computer and had everything transferred. Am I pushing my luck with this latest upgrade, who knows.

Having just reviewed the information concerning the new Windows 10, it seems it will upload whether I want it or not and it will enable me to do a multiplicity of clever whizzkiddery all at the same time and be able to share it with other people in close proximity wirelessly.

It has timeline, which seems to allow you to go back to projects from earlier in the day, week, or month, stop and pause and jump back, which sound more like some modern jazz dance combination to me, than anything that will be remotely of any use to me.

I am delighted to see that I will be able to right click the audio button to mute or unmute a tab playing sound, which will no doubt do away with the icon which is in the bottom right of my screen, as they obviously thought it was too easy for me to find.

Windows 10 update will, it says, "expand my creativity" which is marvellous as all this time I have been racking my brains trying to think of witty and amusing things to write about and now in the future I will have Windows 10 to do it for me. My favourite apps and features will be improved and I can explore the updates to Microsoft Photos, 3D tools and Windows Ink, none of which I use.

One can choose a star and Microsoft Photos will automatically create a slideshow using relevant images and videos, all of which sounds rather childish. I will have the ability to boost my PowerPoint presentations by adding 3D animations, which, yet again sounds all very clever except I have never done a PowerPoint presentation in my life and I suspect there is a distinct possibility of hell freezing over before I am ever likely to.

So, just to recap, Windows 10, loads of stuff that I am going to get whether I want it or not, most of which I have no idea what it does and that I shall never use.

I must try to drag myself into the 20th century, and for those of you who thought I had made a typing error and should have put 21st century, I say, one step at a time.

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