Sunday 21 January 2018

Taliban and ISIS terror attacks.

I have to admit that I give very little thought, if any, to the possibility of impending terror attacks and I suspect this is the same with the vast majority of people in this country.

Obviously the only reason I have thought of it at the moment is the Taliban attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, on the Intercontinental Hotel where there are various reports of the numbers killed and wounded, sadly one is too many.

Apparently the Taliban want to take us all back to the 7th Century, although quite why they think that effectively going back to the Dark Ages would be a fun thing to do, I have no idea. Under the Taliban, men were required to grow beards, women had to wear the all covering burka, they banned television, music, dance, cinema and stopped girls over ten from going to school, sounds like a laugh a minute.

When the Taliban see pictures of the modern world, assuming they are allowed to view them, they must be delighted as with the modern fashion for men to grow large overgrown beards it must seem like they have taken over already, all they have to do now is convince our modern young ladies to take up the burka and they've cracked it.

It has been suggested that the Afghan government should negotiate with the Taliban but what would they negotiate and how would they choose a Century to take us back to, throw a dice?

I have to admit I have absolutely no idea what is going on in what I loosely think of as The Middle East, except it seems the Sunni Muslims are trying to obliterate the Shia Muslims and presumably visa versa, but I'm at a loss to know where the Kurds, who are Sunni but have no fixed abode, fit in to all this bloody nonsense and I really can't be bothered to follow it that closely.

Somewhere along the way when we had The British Empire we must have poked our nose into the affairs of these people as we did with everyone we overrun, but I still can't see that as a reason to want to annihilate half of the population of the country in which any of these people live.

Closer to home I was trying to recall the terror attacks that have happened in Europe and was delighted when I realised I was having difficulty remembering them. From recollection there were a couple of attacks where people ran amok with lorries in France and I think Germany and another in Paris where they shot people at a rock concert.

In this country there was recently a bomb in Manchester, a chap in a 4x4 running over people on Westminster Bridge and a policeman or an MP being killed. There were another couple of chaps in a van doing the same trick over London Bridge and being shot in Southwark market and I'm fairly certain there was another similar attack but I have no recollection as to where it took place.

There were people who I saw on Facebook putting flags on the railings for Lee Rigsby the soldier who was killed which I assume must have coincided with his anniversary and much earlier the attack on the London Underground and a bus, but I'm unsure how many bombs were planted as it seems some time ago now.

Quite clearly had I known anyone who was killed or injured in any of these attacks my recollection would be considerably better, but I didn't know anyone, which is effectively the point of this blog.

ISIS and the Taliban will never win in any civilised country and there are three reasons for this, firstly, for example, the population of London is getting on for close to 9 Million people, now what percentage of those people would you have to kill or injure before we really take notice. Secondly for those people who may be a tad concerned about visiting London, I would think the odds of 9 Million to 1 against being caught in a terrorist attack would go some way to allay their fears.

There are still people alive in this country who survived the bombing from Hitler's Luftwaffe and the bombings from the IRA and kept calm and carried on which leads me to my final point.

The main reason ISIS and the Taliban can have so little effect in this country is because we do not live in the 7th Century and therefore can dance, sing, watch television, go to the cinema and dress and do pretty much what we want, which leaves us having far too much fun to take notice of their silly ideas.

After all for us to vote to return to the 7th Century would be rather like turkeys voting for Christmas.

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