Saturday, 2 March 2019

Daily Word Prompt, Magic.

I rather fancy having a go at todays word prompt and the main reason for this if I'm not mistaken is the fact that the link to pingback is included in the question.

If I have not got the wrong end of the stick all I have to do is place the text in my post and as if by magic it will pingback to wherever it's supposed to go.

I have mentioned on numerous occasions that I am completely useless at creating pingbacks and now I find one included with the prompt, why I'm forced to ask doesn't everyone do this.

Well, that's my post on magic and a little rant on pingbacks which only leaves me to find something interesting to place here and I have chosen a picture of one of the funniest magicians ever, the remarkable Tommy Cooper, together with a link to You Tube. Enjoy!

 Image result for tommy cooper

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